What do we do?

We are a company which carries out such technological processes like cutting, deburring, upsetting, forming, bending, pressing, welding, brazing, soldering in a tunnel kiln, block brazing, crimping, marking, leak test, solid measurements, and acceptance for tests at one location. In such a way, we are able to manufacture products where many technological processes must be applied without prejudice to their top quality.

  • We own a line for automated cutting and deburring of pipes of a diameter of 10 mm to 75 mm.
  • We offer cold-bending of thin and thick-wall pipes by the use of electrical CNC-controlled bending machines.
  • We upset, roll, shape pipe ends on dedicated equipment with a CNC system.
  • We press brackets, clasps, pins, which we then connect with a piping system by Mig-Mag welding, soldering in a tunnel kiln, spot and projection welding.
  • We specialise in equipping complete pipes with permanent signs, labels, rubber ducts, cutting rings, and bushing.
  • We specialise in designing and partial performance of shape tests, functionality tests of welding equipment.
  • We conduct leak tests from 0.2 bar to 6 bars, including a leak analysis option.
  • We have our own machining section, which manufactures additional elements necessary to produce a complete pipe set.
Through outsourcing, we apply such coatings like KTL, KTL+POWDER, galvanising subject to any passivation. Tool drawer SMED